ecolemamie Gift Guide

Heirloom Quality Gifts, Handmade in the USA

Memorable American Handmade Gifts

Lovingly crafted, one at a time by artisans right here in our California workshop, our genuine leather and hand-cast Britannia metal products are a reflection of old school American craftsmanship with modern functionality.

The handmade, heirloom quality gift you purchase from ecolemamie will remind the recipient of your affection for years to come!

"Recently I wanted to thank my team for the amazing work they do with kids and so I asked them to select what they wanted from Oberon. A phone case and a card wallet were their choices, making them the perfect gifts. Thank you ecolemamie from making gift giving so easy. "


"This leather journal is not only beautiful but it is of the highest quality! The recipient was so impressed and just loved the gift!"