Facts About ecolemamie Images

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Facts About ecolemamie Images

Can I get a journal image not offered on an e-reader cover or other product?

Not at this time! All of our most popular images are offered on e-reader covers. We’ve been amassing our journal image library since the early 1990's. We only began making eReader and tech covers in 2008. It's very expensive to introduce new images and incorporate images on new products. Please send us your wish list requests so that we can catalog the level of desire for an image to be eventually included on other products!

Web Image Cropping:

To save time and lower costs we photograph a single cover for our site and use that image in several categories if we can, allowing for the shape and size of the cover. Example: Since they’re nearly all the same size we shoot a Kindle Fire cover and use that image for the Kindle Fire, iPad Mini and Nexus 7 images on the web. For this reason your cover may or may not appear cropped by 1/16 – 1/8th of an inch or so in hand.

History of Images and your Suggestions:

In our origins as a journal company our original image categories emphasized Celtic knots, Art Nouveau, images from native cultures and metaphysical traditions. Now images from nature predominate along with graphic historical references. If you have an image idea for us, please consider whether or not you think it would have universal appeal and send us an email with your idea. We’re always on the hunt for new material.