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The perfect marriage of hi-tech devices with old-school hand crafted artistry

Did you know? - All of our hand made leather covers are infinitely refillable.

ecolemamie Accessories - Functional Art

Leather Accessories

Stylish and durable, our tooled leather accessories offer a minimalist perspective with maximum functionality.

  • Men's Leather Wallets will last for years, becoming supple and glowing with a polished patina as it ages. With many card slots and pockets inside, there's everything you need to keep your cards, cash and receipts organized.
  • Women's Wallets are Functional Art at it's finest. Six card slots, a zippered coin purse, a pen holder and multiple pockets for your cash, receipts, checkbook, smartphone, etc.
  • Leather Checkbooks turn writing checks and paying bills into a beautiful experience instead of a chore.
  • Passport Wallets; an essential for the traveler, these hold a passport or slim notebook with plenty of pockets for cards and currency.
  • Card Holders for the essentials. Perfect for Business Card, ID's, Credit and Gift Cards. Add some folded cash and you've got a mini wallet.
  • Guitar Straps: No matter your jam, you'll love the classic embossed detailing and hand cast pewter hardware on this luxury adjustable strap.
  • Braided Leather Bracelets: Leather & metal in perfect harmony.